Our new Entertainment center




I started with the woodwork. This whole thing is on wheels.


Then we rolled it inside to be sure it fit 

The custom made cypress mantel came from Walker’s sawmill in Alva, a pretty cool place.

All the doors slide  and there is a custom made TV bracket that swings out 90 degrees and extends 6” away from the unit in one motion.


Then it was time to wire it and install the components. That is a Dimplex electric fireplace, 2 UPS’s, a PC, 2 Satellite boxes, a ReplayTV, a CD carousel, 40” TV and a DVD player along with an agile modulator, Ethernet switch, coax splitter and an IR repeater so the remotes will talk to the components inside




Then it was time to start laying out the rocks for the doors. We used a combination of Virginia ledge stone and Hudson ledge. Both are natural stone products. This is installed over stucco lath using “Flex” thin set mortar





Next was laying out the hearth. We used Idaho gold quartzite flagging for that (the same as the lanai)

This is basically doing a jigsaw puzzle that you are not sure there is a solution for. They get stuck down with flex over lath too.


This is the stone finished so far. We are still waiting for the doors on the top but they “ain’t arrove yet”


There is also going to a faux chimney going up the wall with a tunnel for the train. Just more rocks.